It is not exaggeration to say that every woman dreams about beautiful pure skin.

While reading numerous articles in beauty magazines, every time I came across a phrase that if you don’t take care of your skin with cleansers, masks, tonics and moisturizers, then the ageing process is more advanced. I believe that there is rational reasoning in this phrase, and the skin needs to be cleansed, nourished and moistened … However, as an experienced nutritionist I can assure you that the condition of our skin depends on the state of our health.

My name is Alice and my blog is about cleansing of the organism and proper nutrition in order to achieve an ideal skin. We will talk about how to clean and detox intestines, kidneys and liver at home without harming yourself. I will share with you my own experience, how I cleaned my organism on different levels: physical, emotional and spiritual. Here you can find useful articles about combination of different food products, and the list of foodstuffs, it is better to abandon forever. I would very much appreciate if you will take an active part in our discussions, share your beauty prescriptions, and of course, your results!